Zodiac greeting card ” Leo”

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The fire sign of Leo (July 23rd – August 22nd) is ruled by the sun and characterised by a lion. Leo’s tend to be lively, flamboyant, extrovert and self-assured. They ooze charm, enthusiasm and are passionate about things and people they love. In fact, they adore romance and like nothing better than spoiling the one they love. Loyalty is also a key quality and they’ll stand by their friends and loved ones. They love attention and are often great at organising events, especially when they’ll be centre stage.

Leo Greeting Card by Josephine Wall – Dimensions- 184x138mm (7″x5.5″) approx.

Comes with a full colour envelope. Each card also features internal artwork and has a highlighting of fine glitter on the front illustration which adds sparkle.

Prose on the inside left of card reads (by Josephine Wall):

July 23 – August 22
When Leos come in,
all eyes naturally go,
as if drawn by a magnet,
to these stars of the show.
They rule their own jungle
with confidence and pride,
taking generous care
of the friends by their side.
Independent and proud,
these fierce souls will impart
to the mate of their choice
an ardent, loving heart.

Prose on the inside right of card reads (by Josephine Wall):

“You are a very special part
of my universe.”

Josephine Wall was born in Farnham, Surrey, England. Her work now is receiving worldwide acclaim inlcuding a nomination at the Arty Awards (the artworld equvalent of the oscars). She works mostly with acrylic paint and has been infuenced by the romanticism of the Pre-Raphaelites, surrealist artists like Salvador Dali and the illustrative work of Arthur Rackham.

From childhood she has had a passion for light and colour, fantasy and visual story telling. Much of the inspiration for her mystical images comes from her close observation of nature and her interest in its preservation. Though she often strives to impart a message in her scenes, she also hopes to inspire in her audience a personal journey into the magical world of their own imagination.

“The art of painting is more than a career to me,” she says, “it is an all consuming obsession and a love of colour and form. In fact, if I am away from my easel for too long I become restless and anxious to paint again.”

Leanin’ Tree is a family owned company in USA which has some wonderful artists designing greeting cards for them. Their cards are high quality, having beautiful printed envelopes and also designed insides of cards.

* All of their cards and envelopes are printed on premium quality recycled paper. All cards are Elemental Chlorine Free (ECF).
* They use “Zero VOC” vegetable-based soy inks that are formulated without petroleum solvent.
* They plant trees to compensate for their carbon emissions from our manufacturing process and have a comprehensive company recycling programme. They also invest to conserve resources by having motion sensors, lighting upgrades, thermal equalizers, waterless urinals and underground irrigation systems at their company.

Their long-standing commitment to the environment is central to their company ethos.



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