About Healing Light: Online Psychics and Online New-Age shop

Paul, Owner of Healing Light

A word from Paul, founder of Healing Light:

Welcome to Healing Light! We are a site offering a first-class team of Psychics and an online new-age shop. All our top-quality shop products are ethically sourced from UK suppliers and are the best value for money possible.

We have a first-class team of Psychics offering genuine readings and answering your questions on whatever your problem or concerns may be. They can be contacted on the credit card service, 0907 number or via SMS anytime. Whether you are going through relationship problems, need guidance making a career or business decision or have financial or family worries.

No problem is too small. Please call one of our Readers when you are prepared and ready. In addition to this we also offer a free spiritual forum, where you can come to chat, meet  like-minded people or just simply ask me a question, which I will do my best to answer for you there. I hope you enjoy our site!