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2nd August 2021

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March 21st to April 20th
If you're an attached Ram, and it feels like an age since something connected with your emotional world or love life has ticked many if not all the essential boxes, then that could change soon. As you become more receptive to romantic and intimate territory waiting to be explored, you could find your enthusiasm rubs off on a lover or potential sweetheart - in all the right ways.

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April 21st to May 21st
The perspective from which you see a romantic or relationship matter could be inaccurate and add to complications. But it might take a brave step to look honestly at troubling feelings and learn something from them. If an episode from your past presents a challenge in the present, you're one brave step away from drawing upon the nugget of wisdom within it and moving on.

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May 22nd to June 21st
Although all you might see in your emotional world or a relationship is an unwelcome challenge, look a bit closer to spot the solution it offers. Passionate progress relies on you adopting an attitude of gratitude and connecting with what's positive within your love life circumstances. Attached? A lover would rather hear your possible solutions than complaints or problems.

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June 22nd to July 23rd
Something connected with your romantic or relationship past could hover noticeably over your emotional world or a special connection now. As a result, you might grapple with unresolved feelings or have your attention turned to something you'd prefer to ignore. But a necessary and timely look backward can be helpful and transformative if you truly want resolution or closure.

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July 24th - August 23rd
A lover or potential sweetheart could leave a trail of clues regarding a conversation they want to have. But even if it's the last thing you feel like doing, don't convince yourself that it will be one-sided. This discussion or exchange provides a perfect opportunity on both sides to openly express thoughts or feelings that don't benefit anybody by being suppressed.

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August 24th to September 23rd
Like Monica from 'Friends,' you could, at times, believe that your way of structuring something or your exceptional attention to detail can't be mirrored or matched. But if a lover or potential sweetheart wants to step in to assist you in a particular way, don't turn them away. If they offer one helpful suggestion that makes something easier for you, then their help is worth accepting!

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September 24th to october 23rd
You could feel a desire to be more open with thoughts or feelings, and that's something to welcome. But you might need to be realistic regarding how willing the one you love may be with offering candid disclosures. It may be wise to refrain from spilling all your emotional beans right now. If things become too tense, heartfelt, meaningful exchanges could turn into confessions.

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October 24th to November 22nd
Whether you're single or attached, you could feel it's just as necessary to focus on creating or enhancing material security in a love relationship as it is everything in the Love and Intimacy Department. You could discover a change in attitude on your part is needed toward money and possessions, too. But revealing and blending ideas about a secure, shared future brings you and somebody closer.

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November 23rd to December 21st
You could have a point of view you're keen to make a lover aware of. Yet, you could go to unnecessary lengths to convey this in the hope that it's accepted and understood. But, be careful not to make assumptions or be 100% certain that you know what a loved one will say or do. The right thing to do is say your piece, sit back and listen receptively to your paramour's response.

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December 22nd to Jan 20th
Having more disposable income for romantic pursuits and sexy adventures would be lovely and welcome. But you're not obliged to put your neck on the line financially or create a severe dent in your bank account to please the one you love. Nothing stops you from making grand plans that might require cash in the future. But if you tighten purse strings now, you'll likely be glad you did.

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January 21st to Feb 19th
Speaking your mind or from the depths of your heart doesn't need to involve even a hint of aggression. If you take a conversation down a potentially tense avenue or into what you know to be sensitive territory, then you increase the chances of tension or confrontation. Showing the one you love that you come in peace without both guns blazing is bound to bring the desired result.

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February 20th to March 20th
You could be dealing with confusing relationship dynamics now. But try to rely more on your intuition than logic to not only make sense of what's occurring but to spot the solution needed. You're looking through the romantic or relationship telescope in the right way by doing so. If an open conversation is needed with the one you love, then you will have done your homework!

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