Pendulum Chakra Clear Quartz


Total length of pendulum is 26 cms
The pendulum crystal is clear quartz, and then in-between are seven crystal beads representing each chakra in the following order:

Clear Quartz – Crown Chakra
Amethyst – The Third Eye
Sodalite – Throat
Green Quartz – Heart
Citrine – Solar plexus
Agate – Sacral
Hematite – Base

This pendulum comes in its own box lined with a satin-like material. An attractive, well designed pendulum that features a clever option of detaching the pendulum at the clip near the crystal and wearing the chakra crystals as a bracelet. Please note the bracelet is approximately 20cm in length (roughly 8 inches) and would suit a larger wrist.


Additional information

Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 26 × 2 cm

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