You Make Your Own Jewellery Fluorite Point Pendant

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This point pendant is made from Fluorite crystal. It is very lightweight, easy and comfortable to wear with a chain, a sterling silver setting is attached to the very top of the pendant.

The pendant itself has been neatly carved and the outside is completely smooth. It has been shaped with 6 sides to the pendant in a hexagon shape.

Made from solid sterling silver. The pendant does not come with a chain, if you require one please look at our silver chains for sale in the Jewellery section.

The Size not including the sterling silver loop, this pendant is approximately 3.4 cm in length and roughly 7 mm in width.


This can greatly help focus and clear thinking. It can help organising and planning during times of chaos. It also assists with learning and study or absorbing information.

Colour: Clear/ light rainbow purple

Chakra: Third Eye


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Dimensions 3.4 × 0.7 cm