What is a Tarot Cloth Used For?

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If you’re interested in tarot reading, you will probably have seen tarot cards being spread out on a decorative cloth. This cloth is known as a tarot cloth. It is an essential accessory for any tarot reader. In this article, we’ll explore the many uses of a tarot cloth and its importance for any tarot reader.

Tarot Cloth Usage

A tarot cloth is a piece of fabric, often made of silk or cotton, used to spread out and protect tarot cards during a reading. But it’s not just for aesthetics – it serves many practical purposes as well.

Protecting Your Cards

One of the primary uses of a cloth is to protect your cards from damage. Tarot cards are delicate and easily scratched, bent, or damaged if they’re not handled properly. A cloth provides a soft, protective surface for your cards to rest on during a reading. The cloth ensures that they stay in good condition.<

Creating a Sacred Space

A tarot cloth can also be used to create a sacred space for readings. By laying out the cloth and arranging your cards on it, you’re creating a designated area for your readings. This can help you get into the right mindset for your reading and make it feel more meaningful.

Enhancing Your Intuition

Another benefit of using a cloth is that it can help you tap into your intuition more easily. By choosing a cloth that resonates with you, you can create a more comfortable and inviting space for your readings. This can help you feel more relaxed and open to receiving intuitive insights.

Adding a Decorative Touch

Of course, a cloth is also a great way to add a decorative touch to your practice. With so many different colors, patterns, and styles to choose from, you can find a cloth that reflects your personal style.

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How to Choose a Tarot Cloth

You may be wondering how to choose the right one for you. Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

Consider Your Preferences

First and foremost, choose a cloth that you like and that resonates with you. This could mean choosing a cloth in your favorite color, or one with a pattern that speaks to you. You’ll be using this cloth for many readings. It is important that you choose one that you’ll enjoy looking at and working with.

Think About Size

Tarot cloths come in a range of sizes, so consider how many cards you typically use in a reading and choose one that will fit them all. You don’t want to choose a cloth that’s too small and leaves your cards feeling cramped. Also, don’t choose one that’s too large and makes it difficult to arrange your cards in a meaningful way.

Consider Material

think about the material of your cloth. Silk and cotton are both popular choices; there are other materials to consider as well, such as velvet, wool, or even leather. Choose a material that

feels good to the touch and that will provide a protective surface for your cards.


What size should a tarot cloth be?

The size of your cloth will depend on how many cards you typically use in a reading. A standard deck contains 78 cards; so a cloth that measures at least 20 x 20 inches should provide enough space for your cards.

Can I use any fabric as a tarot cloth?

While you can technically use any fabric, it’s best to choose a fabric that feels good to the touch and is a protective surface for your cards. Silk and cotton are popular choices, but other materials like velvet or wool can also work well.

Do I need a tarot cloth to do a reading?

No, a tarot cloth is not strictly necessary to do a reading, but it can be a helpful tool to protect your cards.


A tarot cloth may seem like a small and insignificant accessory. It can actually serve many important purposes for tarot readers. From protecting your cards, to creating a sacred space for your readings, a tarot cloth can enhance your tarot practice in meaningful ways. When choosing a tarot cloth, be sure to consider your preferences; the size you need, and the material that feels best to you. With the right tarot cloth, you’ll be well on your way to enjoying more comfortable and effective tarot readings.

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