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Twin flames are the other half of our soul.

Twin Flame Readings. We only have one twin, after both of you went in separate directions, incarnating over and over to gain more and more experience before coming back together again.

You have probably had many lifetimes with your twin.

Each twin is a complete soul not a half soul, and the objective is to become more whole becoming more enlightened , before reuniting with their twin.

You may have had unusual dreams/thoughts about a mysterious person, and get the feeling that this person energy seems familiar, like you have met before. There may be an unusual event that surrounds the initial meeting of a twin flame, unexpected and out of the blue. There can often be strange things happening and major energy shifts in the first week of you both meeting.

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Often, twin flames can be physically distant or live in different countries. Often, there is something that prevents you both being together at the beginning. The physical energy between you both when you do meet is often very intense.

Number sequences frequently follow the relationship such as get emails/ texts at 11:11. The number 11 therefore being a mirror of each other. So, a Twin flame is like the mirror of your own soul.

The relationship will feel like heaven, as if no time had been lost between you since you were last together. Sometimes, conversation can seem to last forever, or just being silent, hours will pass by like seconds. Feel you can truly be yourself with them. Feel you will feel like you can share your entire life with them and be open with them about everything; will have a sense of completion between you that is unexplainable.

Soul mates however, are like our soul family. We may share many lifetimes with soul mates too, as they help us grow and evolve and understand who we are. You may feel very close to a soul mate on a soul level and have had many different types of relationships in past lives.

Parent, brother sister, child, best friend or romantic relationship: there is a deep love for each other that is less superficial than other people that may be in your life. We can meet many soul mates in our lifetime, as they can help us to grow spiritually

Have you met your soul twin or a soul mate?

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