The Aura

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The Aura.

The Aura. What is the function of the Aura? From what I have learned over the years, we all have a physical body and an etheric duplicate or a sprit body. A Spirit Guide, who often communicates via trance, has previously said to one of my developing groups that:

When we die that we simply shed the physical body and the etheric body carries on living in the spirit world.

All matter has vibration and when we meditate and clear out our minds of our earthly concerns, we can raise our vibration to a finer, less dense vibration. We will then be able to see the spirit world and auric energies in our mind’s eye.

Surrounding the etheric duplicate is the energy field known as the aura. It may firstly be seen as a gentle haze of light and as you advance you should be able to see bright colours and denser colours. From my experience, all these colours have meanings as to the persons physical, mental or emotional well being.

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Healing Light The Aura extra post image

You need to look closely at the intensity of the colour that you may be observing. For example, the colour yellow is said to reflect someone’s mental well being. Therefore, a bright yellow in the aura could mean that someone is mentally healthy and happy, where as an insipid pale yellow could mean someone who is worrying or suffering with anxiety. I also find that it is also possible to clairsentiently pick up feelings from the aura.

For example, I could feel that someone is depressed and may want to change their job. However, I do not believe that you can tell from an auric field that they would find a new job. I feel that it is only the spirit world that can see a bit further ahead than what we can and they would more likely to be able to see the probability of a new job appearing for that person.

I feel that it is very important to establish a spirit link before delivering any clairvoyant message.


This is only a guideline. I feel it is more important to follow your own insticts. If you feel that a colour means something else, then go with that instead. I would welcome any comments of what different colours may mean to you.

BLUE: Wisdom and clarity. The emotions. Healing and mediumship.

GREEN: Growth, creativity, regeneration, fertility, stability and security. If say, more an insipid green then it could mean deceit or envy.

WHITE: Purification , virginity.

RED: Love, ambition, determination and physical mediumship. Or it could mean stress.

ORANGE: Convalescence and recovery from illness. Energy, vitality and life-force.

PURPLE: Clairvoyance, spiritual journeys, leadership and owning the power of oneself.

BROWN: Earth, grounding or illness and depression

BLACK: Suicidal, illness, negative thoughts, need to let go.

GREY: Balance (integration of black and white)

YELLOW: Study, happiness, joy or contentment. Mental worry, anguish or fear.

Paul Perris, Healing Light

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