Tarot Card Spreads: Unlocking the Magic of the Celtic Cross and More

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If you’re delving into the intriguing world of Tarot card readings, you’re in for a mystical journey filled with symbolism, intuition, and self-discovery. At the heart of any Tarot reading is the card spread, the arrangement of cards that form the basis of your interpretation. While there are countless Tarot spreads to explore, we’ll start with one of the most famous and widely used: the Celtic Cross. In this article we’ll also introduce a few other basic Tarot card spreads to expand your reading repertoire.

Celtic Cross Tarot Spread
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The Celtic Cross: A Classic Tarot Spread

The Celtic Cross Tarot spread is a staple in the Tarot community, renowned for its depth and versatility. It consists of ten cards that provide a comprehensive view of your question or situation. While it may appear complex at first, we’ll break it down step by step to help you master this ancient art.

The Positions of the Celtic Cross

  1. The Significator Card: This is the first card, placed at the center of the spread, representing the querent (you) or the person you’re reading for. It sets the tone for the reading and reflects the current state of the querent.
  2. The Cross Card: Placed horizontally over the Significator, this card represents the immediate challenge or obstacle you’re facing.
  3. The Crown Card: Positioned above the Significator, the Crown card symbolizes your conscious thoughts and aspirations related to the situation.
  4. The Base Card: Below the Significator, this card delves into your subconscious influences and underlying emotions.
  5. The Past Card: To the left of the Cross, this card offers insights into the events or influences from your past that have led to the current situation.
  6. The Future Card: Opposite the Past card, the Future card gives glimpses of what lies ahead.
  7. The You Card: Positioned to the left of the Significator, this card represents your attitude and how you perceive yourself in relation to the situation.
  8. The Others Card: To the right of the Significator, this card signifies how others view you or are influencing the situation.
  9. Hopes and Fears Card: Placed above the Cross, this card reveals your hopes and fears in the context of the situation.
  10. Outcome Card: The final card, situated at the bottom of the Cross, provides insights into the eventual outcome or resolution.

Interpreting the Celtic Cross

Now that you know the positions, it’s time to interpret the cards. Remember, Tarot readings are as much about intuition as they are about symbolism. Here’s a basic guideline:

  • Card Meanings: Begin by studying the individual meanings of each card. Tarot decks often come with guidebooks to help with this.
  • Card Combinations: Pay attention to how cards interact with each other. A card’s meaning can change when placed next to a different card.
  • Reversals: Some Tarot readers use reversed (upside-down) cards, signifying blocked energy or a more nuanced interpretation. If you choose to read reversals, consider their meaning in your analysis.
  • Intuition: Trust your intuition. Sometimes, your gut feeling will guide you more accurately than any book or guide.
  • Storytelling: Think of the spread as a narrative. How do the cards flow from one position to the next? What story are they telling about the situation?
  • Symbols: Pay attention to symbols and details on the cards. They can hold significant messages.

Sample Celtic Cross Reading

Let’s walk through a hypothetical Celtic Cross reading to illustrate how it works:

Question: “What do I need to know about my career path?”

  1. Significator Card: The Tower (Upright) – You’re undergoing a significant transformation in your career.
  2. Cross Card: The Devil (Reversed) – The challenge is breaking free from limiting beliefs or constraints.
  3. Crown Card: The Star (Upright) – You aspire to reach for the stars, seeking inspiration and hope.
  4. Base Card: The Moon (Reversed) – Beneath the surface, you’re overcoming confusion and finding clarity.
  5. Past Card: The Chariot (Upright) – In the past, you’ve been driven and determined in your career pursuits.
  6. Future Card: The Hermit (Upright) – The path ahead involves introspection and seeking inner wisdom.
  7. You Card: The Emperor (Upright) – You perceive yourself as a leader, someone who wants to take control of their career.
  8. Others Card: The High Priestess (Reversed) – Others may not fully understand your intuitive and mysterious approach to your career.
  9. Hopes and Fears Card: The Lovers (Upright) – You hope for a fulfilling and balanced career but fear making the wrong choices.
  10. Outcome Card: The Judgment (Upright) – Ultimately, your career will undergo a powerful transformation, aligning with your true calling.

Remember that this is just one interpretation. Tarot is a deeply personal practice, and your intuition plays a vital role in deriving meaning from the cards.

Other Essential Tarot Spreads

While the Celtic Cross is a fantastic go-to spread, there are several other basic Tarot card spreads to explore. These can provide different angles and insights into your questions:

1. Three-Card Spread: Past, Present, Future

  • Past: Represents past influences or events related to your question.
  • Present: Reflects your current situation or challenge.
  • Future: Offers a glimpse of what the future holds in relation to your question.

This spread is perfect for quick, focused readings.

2. One-Card Pull: Quick Guidance

For a lightning-fast answer or daily insight, simply draw one card. This card can offer concise guidance or serve as a daily affirmation.

3. Five-Card Spread: Decision-Making

  • Card 1: The present situation.
  • Card 2: Factors influencing the decision.
  • Card 3: Possible outcomes of choice A.
  • Card 4: Possible outcomes of choice B.
  • Card 5: The ultimate outcome or advice.

This spread is excellent for weighing options and making decisions.

4. Relationship Spread: Understanding Connections

If your question involves relationships, this spread can provide insights into the dynamics between two people.

  • Card 1: You.
  • Card 2: The other person.
  • Card 3: The relationship itself.
  • Card 4: Challenges in the relationship.
  • Card 5: Advice or potential outcome.

5. The Horseshoe Spread: Deeper Insight

This spread expands on the Celtic Cross, offering additional layers of understanding.

  • Cards 1 and 2: The present situation.
  • Card 3: Past influences.
  • Card 4: Future influences.
  • Card 5: Attitudes and beliefs.
  • Card 6: Advice or guidance.
  • Card 7: The outcome.


Tarot card spreads are like keys that unlock the wisdom held within the cards. While the Celtic Cross is a classic and versatile choice, don’t hesitate to explore other spreads to gain different perspectives and insights. Remember that Tarot is a journey of self-discovery and intuition, and each reading is a unique experience. So, pick up your Tarot deck, shuffle the cards, and let the magic unfold as you explore the world of Tarot card spreads. Happy reading!

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