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Self-Healing. When you begin work on healing, I believe that you must also begin by working to heal your spirit. A healthy spirit is essential to a healthy body. Understanding your spirit is the key to helping you control your body and what is within.

One way to do this is to practice a daily meditation of opening the chakras and visualise them rotating and working. It is also helpful to recognise that a divine force is intrinsic to your every thought and action and that an inner force guides you. Getting to know that higher power within, allows you to understand how you co create whatever you experience in your life, including your health.

In my opinion, the human spirit requires daily nurturing through spiritual practice such as prayer and meditation. These practices nourish the energy system and help to unite your mind, body and spirit. I think that a healthy lifestyle is important in self healing.

A healthy lifestyle includes getting enough exercise and the proper nutrition, avoiding toxic substances and maintaining good living habits. A healthy lifestyle can help you learn more about what your body needs for maximum physical performance and a spiritual practice can further your understanding of the path that you are meant to walk.

Healing Light Self-Healing extra post image

Healing Light Self-Healing extra post image

When an illness has become part of your spiritual journey, your spirit has to begin to make the changes that the illness was designed for you to improve. Medical intervention, complimentary healing, changes in nutrition, and overall lifestyle changes are all very important and, to some extent, should all be used. However, I dont feel that it should be forgotten that an illness is also a spiritual challenge to be overcome, and your spiritual practice of prayer and meditation can also help give you the insight that you need.

Your practice can be a means of enduring the illness and healing it through increasing the stregnth and the wisdom of your spirit. I think that it is important to redirect your faith from the physical realm to the spiritual realm. Healing requires you to make changes to both your physical and spiritual ways of life. They are both parellel roads leading to the same goal, and each road needs to be driven along every day.

Self-healing can be one of the most extreme challenges, and it often feels that we enter into it completely alone. Others can offer help and support, but only the ill person can accomplish the hardest and deepest work. Being diagnosed with an illness can quite understandably produce massive confusion. Like waking up in a strange country to which you don’t remember travelling, you may feel that you dont know what to do or whom to turn to for help.

A closed mind is never an asset. I would say that it is best to be open to every option that can help you. If you decide to go holistic as well, you need to do so after only doing serious research on the full range of options available. In many cases the best course of action is to combine the best of the medical and the holistic worlds.

The most important thing that you can do for yourself in a crisis situation is to learn how to manage your time. I think that you have to put yourself first and learn when to say no. Ask yourself who are the most important people in your life and are you investing your time and energy in the things that matter most to you for both your healing and living a healthy life. If not, you may need to ask yourself what you are willing to do about it to bring about meaningful change.

Healing is a present-time challenge. However, a new step or change does not have to be big to be effective. You could start by taking a walk every day, or take a yoga class. Don’t fall prey to the “I’ll start tommorrow” way of thinking. There is only the now in the healing process. Just as no one can learn to run a marathon in one day, living a healthy life requires you to practice regularly whatever new disciplines you adopt. I would recommend to keep your focus in a positive direction and stay committed to that practice.

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Paul Perris, Healing Light

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