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Psychic Readings to help you get your ex back

Psychic Readings to help you get your ex back. And, is it a good idea?

Psychic Readings to help you get your ex back. Looking to get back together with your ex partner? Trying to resurrect a relationship? Feel you have lost a Soulmate? Psychic readings regarding rekindling an old relationship are one of the top reasons people contact our readers at Healing Light.

How Can an Ex Psychic Reading help you?

Advice as to whether getting back with an ex is an important part of our psychic readers caring and understanding advice. Before you pick up the phone to our readers, is it important, and helpful for you to look into whether it is a good thing you are considering when thinking about getting back with an ex.

Can an Ex Psychic Reading help you find answers?

If you read the following general advice it will help give you insight and also help our psychics in giving you advice if you have already considered the consequences. Certainly, our trusted team can help guide you regarding the decision and what the future holds install for you. all part of the process.

Things to consider before getting back together with your Ex:

  • Is it actually a good idea?
  • Take time to reflect on the relationship (without rose-coloured spectacles)
  • Is the timing right?
  • What has changed (for you, and your ex)
  • Is it a realistic expectation?
  • How to approach the reconciliation

Is it actually a good idea?

Is it a good idea to try and win your old flame back? You will need to do some no-nonsense soul searching here. Why did the relationship end, and who ended it? It is quite natural to experience a yearning for an ex partner; numerous romantic films play on this motif, but that does not mean it is a good idea.

Take time to reflect on the relationship

Remove those rose-coloured spectacles! Take a deep look on the actualities and not the romanticised version of reality. What are the reasons for the breakdown of the relationship and are these actually fixable? What are the things you like and dislike re your ex partner?

Is the timing right?

Is your partner in a new relationship? If the answer is yes, then it really is time to move on – give them space, focus on developing a new life for you. This is not to say you will not get back together in the future, but be positive and use this time to reflect and make changes in your inner and outer life.

When you have more insight into your patterns, desires, you can make a far more informed decision if the timing is right or wrong. When you have clarity regarding the reasons for the breakdown of the relationship you will have a clearer understanding of the timing. A little bit of distance enables us to see the sky, the passing clouds, the mountains.

Healing Light Psychic Readings to help you get your ex back main image
Psychic Readings to help you get your ex back. Photo by Khamkéo Vilaysing on Unsplash

What has changed (for you, and your ex)

This can be as simple as your ex is now in a new relationship, or you or your ex have taken time and developed new patterns of behaviour that means old, destructive patterns have been worked through enabling the possibility of a successful reconciliation.

Another consideration here, especially if there has been some time since the ending of a relationship, is – have you forged a new life whereby your ex may not actually fit in?

Have you gone out and made new friendships, joined new activities, changed your routines? Question whether your ex may fit into your new life. Actually, question whether you want your ex in your new life.

Is it a realistic expectation?

Reality and clarity comes from you working through and not hiding from the inner you, your heart and soul. Is it a reasonable expectation wanting to get back with your ex? It is easy to look back and see an idealized version of the old relationship, rather than the reality?

It is perfectly natural to idealize and romanticise, but ask yourself some deep questions. One question you should ask, and with honesty, is would your ex actually want to hear from you? Has your ex moved to another physical space that would make getting back together more difficult? Is it a good idea? Our psychics can help guide you.

How to approach the reconciliation

OK, so you have taken stock, worked through your issues (you must have had some?) and spoken with supportive friends and you wish to approach a possible reconciliation. How best to do this? Again, our psychics can help guide you here. Show your ex that you have worked through the pain and acknowledge any issues (yours) and that you have taken time to consider, find clarity and change.

Be gentle. Tread carefully. Be realistic about an initial meeting and outcome. If you do meet up this is no time to bring up old (bad) memories! Show them you have changed. Show them that you have taken a lot of time to consider and that it is not a sudden impulse (wine and social media can be a heady mix!).

It is probably best to avoid a meet-up in a romantic setting. A proposed meeting in a coffee house would be far better than a bar or candle-lit dinner. Avoidance of any place with alcohol will certainly make for a better initial meeting. Sober is good! It will mean you will both be in control of your feelings in what will be a charged situation.

Our readers

Our understanding psychics and mediums will be able to guide you towards finding answers to some of the difficult issues raised in this post. If you have read, understood and assimilated the information then this will help our psychics guide you towards what is best for you and your ex.

Remember that all of our top-quality psychic readers are caring, compassionate and sympathetic and they will in no way judge you. Healing Light have some of the finest psychic mediums in the industry working with us. All our readers go through very thorough interviews and test reading processes before being accepted. You can be confident that any discussions are completely private.

Or, if your prefer, you can get your Healing Light Ex Psychic Reading by Email by following this link. Email readings cost £20 per reply.

Under UK law Psychic Readings are regarded as for entertainment purposes only.

Written by Paul Perris.