Wire Wrap Pendant Aqua Marine


The size can vary between 28 to 38 mm at the longest point. As this is a natural product, each pendant is unique and may vary in shape and size.

The wire wrap that the pendant is wrapped within is sterling silver and comes mounted on a card . Please note, this pendant does not come with a chain, you might also like to ad the rubber cord with lobster clasp into your basket as well, which is also in this jewlery category.

Words written on reverse of card that pendant is mounted on:

Aquamarine is a type of beryl with a hardness of 7.5 to 8. Its name comes from the Latin (water of the sea) because of its sea water colour. It has been used as a good luck talisman by sailors. It is found on every continent, and its colour ranges from pale green to deep blue. It is the March birthstone.

Intuitive sources say that Aquamarine is the best stone for the fifth chakra, the energy centre at the throat, and that it enhances one’s communication skills. It is said to be a cooling and calming stone, good for soothing sunburn, fevers and tempers, and to enhance intellectual abilities.Aquamarine gets it name from the latin “water of the sea,” as its colour resembles the blue of the sea. It’s from the beryl family of stones. Legend has it that aquamarine is the treasure of mermaids and has the power to keep sailors safe at sea. Other ancient traditions say that carrying or wearing an aquamarine promotes happiness in relationships. As a whole, the stone has a very soothing and calming energy, enhancing feelings of trust, friendship and harmony. Many people use it for work with the fifth chakra – the energy centre in the throat – as it can promote improved communication skills.


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    Carefully wrapped by hand in gold coloured paper with a bow and with a blank gift tag for your own personal message.

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