Spirit Animal Colouring Book by Sarah Wilder


Spirit Animal Colouring Book by Sarah Wilder

This colouring book is dedicated to our animal kin and the energies they allow us to tap into, to help guide and shape our lives and help us stay connected to our Source.

Who are these creative animal meditations for?

  • Anyone wanting to bring calm into their life
  • Anyone who ‘has no time to meditate’ – creative meditation practices like drawing and colouring can have similar results to traditional meditation.
  • Anyone from age three and up! Parents are encouraged to introduce these artworks to their children, to help them wind down, heal or be more creative.
  • Anyone suffering from chronic illnesses, mental health challenges, dis-ease or general health issues may find colouring to be beneficial on their healing journey.

Embrace your creativity while colouring these beautiful images and connect more deeply with the wisdom and guidance offered by spirit animals.

Sarah Wilder and her brand, The Fifth Element Life (TFEL), incorporate her Intutive and Zoomancy gifts with her passion for art, sacred geometry, rituals, symbolism and animism. Each of the pieces she creates aims to unite us physically, mentally and energetically and to remind us we are never truly alone. The official TFEL tribe, ‘The Kindred Sisterhood’, is made up of thousands of woman spanning over 50 countries who are connected by their desire to bring more meaning into their sacred lives. Sarah’s wish is for people to always choose meaning over mundane and to follow the magick in the meaning, always.

A video showing this book can be found here


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