Runes Oracle Cards

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24 cards and 154 page booklet – The first 44 pages are in English, but this is also translated into Italian, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese and Russian.Card dimensions: 88 x 125 mms
Author: Bianca Luca and Artwork by Cosimo Musio

The Runes are the elements of an ancient Nordic writing that is believed to have had a celestial and magical origin, and are characterized by many sticks that, tradition says, fell from the sky as gifts to man. According to the tradition, the Runes were hung on to the tree of life, Yigdrassil, so that everyone could draw from them based on the needs of his or her own spirit.

Various runic alphabets exist, composed of different numbers of letters: in this deck 24 were chosen, which have the significance of magic symbols and therefore are in close contact with every person’s soul.


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