Candle Travel Relaxing


Dimensions: Diameter of candle is 7 cms . Height 3.5 cms .

Burn Time About 15-20 hours.

Ingredients: Contains natural clean burning plant wax and geranium, sweet orange, lavender & Ylang Ylang pure essential oils. This is a high quality natural product.

Essential Oils Only: This candle is naturally coloured and is scented with pure essential oils and does not contain perfumes.

Environmental info: This candle is made from natural organic clean burning soya and palm wax. They are suitable for vegans and the wicks are made from cotton. The material supplier of these materials is a member of Round table on sustainable palm oil. All these waxes and oils are traceable from plantation to factory and the crops are not from deforested areas. Often the wax is gained from reclaimed rubber or coconut plantations that have been replaced by palm.

Paraffin Free: This candle does not contain any paraffin or petroleum products. Many candles today are paraffin based. Petroleum products in candles can cause a smokiness that can build up over time on ceilings. Paraffin is one of the last by products of petroleum extraction. Some of the soot given off by paraffin candles is the same as burning diesel fuel. So there are documented concerns about the health affects this may have.

Geranium, Orange, Lavender and Ylang Ylang: Geranium essential oil has a fresh, yet strong and heavy aroma with a flowery, almost rose-like scent. On a physical level this oil can help balance, regulate, decongest and detoxify, while boosting your immune system and is a great skin treatment.

Orange Essential Oil is a perky, zesty, refreshing citrus fragrance, typical of freshly grated orange peel. This radiant, refreshingly alive, sensuous aroma of sunshine & summer conveys light-heartedness, warmth and happiness. It can help to lift depression and gloom, reduce fear and encourages positive thinking.

Lavender essential oil is a sweet, flowery and soothing fragrance with a woody undertone. This is a calming, soothing and relaxing essential oil which helps bring about balance for mind, body and spirit.

Ylang Ylang Essential Oil is supremely exotic with very sweet, soft and flowery, yet radiantly exotic aromas. It has the power to awaken our masculine and feminine sides, create erotic moods, enhance relationships and activate feelings of enthusiasm, joy and peace.



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