Psycards book by Catt Foy


“Life is not about finding one’s self, it’s about creating ourselves!”

Long time student of both Tarot cards and Jungian psychology, Nick Hobson had a dream in which he saw the elements of his life laid out like cards on a table. He found, in this dream, that he could rearrange the cards in various ways, giving him control over each influence. This sense of being in control and understanding the elements of his life remained with Nick after he awoke. Shortly afterwards, the concepts of the Psycards took shape.

Psycards came to Catt Foy in a series of “coincidences” which would have impressed Jung himself with their synchronicity. Catt had spent several years as a psychic reader prior to coming across the Psycards. On laying them out for the first time, she discovered, that she instantly understood their meanings.

“The meanings came to me as though I had tapped into an unseen flow of understanding, and before the day was over, I had begun work on this book.”. Catt Foy

Catt’s book is the third published on Psycards, along with Nick Hobson’s own Journey into the Psyche and Bernice Watt’s Language of the Psycards. A complete guide to using the Psycards, it bubbles with Catt’s optimism and empathy, making it an enlightening and wonderful contribution to the Psycards corpus.


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