Oil Essential – Cascade Forest


Cascade Forest Essential Oil (100% Wild crafted)

From the Juniper Ridge USA

Scent:  Fir
Made From: 100% wild crafted, steam-distilled essential oils of Western Mountain Fir and Pine
How to Use:  Can be used as a normal essential oil, an addition to your bath, on your clothes, or with your oil diffuser.

Volume:  5 ml

This essential oil comes from the concentrated spirit of a plant; a combination of Western Mountain Fir and Pine. Juniper Ridge started as a company at a farmers market at Berkeley, California in 1998. And everything they make comes from the mountains or the deserts of western USA. They are obsessed with natural aromatics and also obsessed with the preservation of the wilderness. All of their aromatics and herbs come from the wild and are always sustainably and responsibly harvested. They donate 10% of their profits to defending western wildernesses.
They never kill the plants they harvest. They instead prune larger shrubs and trees that respond well to pruning. They often re visit the same plants as previous years to check up on them. For the sages they always trim the clusters at the green stem, above the woody section. Harvesting this way means two or three new clusters will appear the next year where you harvested one.


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