My Dream Journal by Tony Crisp

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My Dream Journal by Tony Crisp

Uncover the real meaning of your dreams and how you can learn from them

About the Journal
Record your dreams and discover the meaning behind them in this inspiring journal, which is full of helpful prompts and tips.

Every person’s dream life is completely unique. Dreams are the way in which your unconscious, instinctive self processes experiences, revitalises you and sends you powerful messages about your life. Understanding the important communications in dreams is the key to a successful life. My Dream Journal will allow you to read the story of your own dreams, make connections, see patterns and interpret the secret meaning of your own dream world. Included are questionnaires and exercises to show you how to recall, understand and maximise your dream power, and a directory revealing the meaning of the most common dream themes and images, as well as fill-in pages where you can record what you’ve dreamt.

Record your dreams and interpret their meaning in this inspiring journal, which incloudes specially designed exercises and full – in pages.

  • Discover how to recall more of your dreams
  • Benefit from the insight you gain from interpreting your dreams
  • Includes interpretations of common dream themes and images

Total Pages: 144 (Hardback)

Tony Crisp is an internationally renowned expert on dreams and their interpretation. He has written several books including the best selling Dream Dictionary, and was the dream columinst for the Daily Mail for a number of years. He lives in Wales, UK.


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