Medwyn Goodhall – Great Spirit


Inspired and emotive music dedicated to the spirit of all Native American Indians. Creative percussive rhythms and evocative sound effects weave through hovering woodwind and string instrumentation to link cultures and Nations in celebrating a journey of essentially healing and invigorating power. A major theme here is an earthy music performed in reverent tribute to the Spirit of a people that symbolise oneness with Nature. Whether expressing the longing for Ancient days, an exploration into the visionary dream-world of totem animals, or the exquisite outpouring of emotion in a tribal gathering, this is an imaginative, s musical experience, radiating with an inner beauty and wisdom.

‘Grandfather Great Spirit, Fill us with the Light, Give us the Strength to Understand, and the Eyes to See, Teach us to Walk the Soft Earth as Relatives To All that Live, Help Us, for without You we are Nothing.’ Sioux Prayer

Medwyn Goodall is success story for the New Age music.He learnt to play music as a child and is believed to have been encouraged to pursue a music career after meeting Cliff Richard. He has composed and recorded a wide repertoire of music, amassing nearly four million album sales worldwide so far.

Medwyn draws his inspiration from nature, ancient mysteries and cultures and composes haunting melodic instrumental music. His album Earth Healer was voted the leading instrumental album of 1992 and several albums reached Gold album status. In particular, Medicine Woman won Gold, Platinum and the Best Album Ever awards in 2002 for selling over 450,000 copies.

In 2003, Medwyn launched his own New Age record label, MG Music, and has realised his dream of helping many established and new artists to release albums.

As well as releasing many albums under his own name, Medwyn also uses the alias Midori to record music with more of an ethnic, eastern and healing slant.

Medwyn was born in Yorkshire and now lives in rural Cornwall with his wife, Wendy. He continues to compose and record his music from the comfort of his private studio.

Running Time:: 43 minutes


1 Spirit Dancer (5.38)
2 Midnight Quest (7.09)
3 Shadow Hunter (7.34)
4 Riding the Dreamland (4.18)
5 Farewell, My homeland (8.39)
6 Totem (9.09)



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