Medwyn Goodhall- (Celtic Music)- Clan- a Celtic Journey


Through Medwyn’s music the listener can join the Celtic Clan and re live the sounds of Celtic harp, flute, Irish whistle, dulcimer, mandolin, guitar which are overlaid with dramatic keyboard effects and powerful rhythms. This creates music that not only has an authentic Celtic Flavour but also the impact of a story with epic dimensions. Medwyn has excelled at creating a musical score about the struggle between good and the forces of darkness.

Medwyn Goodall has gained an international reputation for producing best selling albums, including Earth Healer which was voted the leading New World album of 1992 and the highly acclaimed Druid Trilogy. Inspired by Nature, Medwyn continues to work from his studio in rural Cornwall. He plays over a dozen instruments and has evolved unique styles of instrumental music which are highly melodic, expressive and inspiring. His music often magically blends ethnic instruments together.

Traditional instruments are used throughout, but these are tempered against synthesised chords, sometimes distant deep drums and natural sounds. As with many of Medwyn Goodall’s albums you feel you are part of a story, and in this instance the story is that of an ancient Clan who gather to summon back the Warrior Galatain, brave champion of truth and goodness.

Medwyn Goodall is success story for the New Age music.He learnt to play music as a child and is believed to have been encouraged to pursue a music career after meeting Cliff Richard. He has composed and recorded a wide repertoire of music, amassing nearly four million album sales worldwide so far.

Medwyn draws his inspiration from nature, ancient mysteries and cultures and composes haunting melodic instrumental music. His album Earth Healer was voted the leading instrumental album of 1992 and several albums reached Gold album status. In particular, Medicine Woman won Gold, Platinum and the Best Album Ever awards in 2002 for selling over 450,000 copies.

In 2003, Medwyn launched his own New Age record label, MG Music, and has realised his dream of helping many established and new artists to release albums.

As well as releasing many albums under his own name, Medwyn also uses the alias Midori to record music with more of an ethnic, eastern and healing slant.

Medwyn was born in Yorkshire and now lives in rural Cornwall with his wife, Wendy. He continues to compose and record his music from the comfort of his private studio.

Running Time: 52 minutes


1 Raven
2 The Gold Talisman
3 The Warrior
4 The Gathering
5 The Lands Beyond
6 A Maiden’s Prayer
7 Clan




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