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Scalp tonic massage oil has been specially blended to thoroughly clean and help maintain healthy hair and scalp. Scalp tonic massage oil contains the essential oils of tea tree and bergamot. It is wonderfully antiseptic, antibacterial and deeply cleansing.

Recommended use: Pour a small amount of scalp tonic massage oil into the palm of the hand and then carefully massage into the scalp. Once the scalp is covered with the scalp tonic massage oil leave for a minimum of 30 minutes and then wash out thoroughly with shampoo. For best results apply scalp tonic massage oil before bedtime and wash out in the morning – ensuring you cover pillows with a towel to avoid greasy marks. Use scalp tonic massage oil regularly to maintain and enhance healthy hair.

Safety: Scalp tonic is generally non-irritating and non-sensitising. It should not be used before direct exposure to sunlight due to its bergamot content.

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