Candle – Lavender and Lemongrass


Dimensions: Diameter of candle approximately 7.5 cms. Height of candle about 7.5 cm .
Burn Time: About 50 hours.

This aroma of this lavender & lemongrass candle is calming and uplifting. The scent of the lavender is a classically sweet and flowery smell, whilst the lemongrass is a perfect air freshener. Its revitalizes your tired body and mind, helps cure fatigue and brings joy.This candle would be good to lighten and freshen a room and create a cleansing atmosphere.This candle contains high quality natural blend of fragrance oils, natural perfumes and essential oils. For this style of candle the fragrance given off is subtle and gently fills a room. As you sit in the room at first you may not notice the smell, then you may after fifteen minutes begin to notice wafts of fragrance. If you leave the room and come back it is more noticeable again.

This candle contains 100% natural plant wax from a sustainable plant source. They are suitable for vegans and the wicks are made from cotton.

Paraffin Free:
This candle does not contain any petroleum based or paraffin wax or animal products. Many candles today are paraffin based. Petroleum products in candles can cause a smokiness that can build up over time on ceilings. Paraffin is one of the last by products of petroleum extraction. Some of the soot given off by paraffin candles is the same as burning diesel fuel. So there are documented concerns about the health affects this may have.




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Dimensions 4 × 4 × 7.5 cm