Llewellyn ( Meditation) Journey to The Temple


From the composer of Reiki and Crystals comes a recording that heals the Body and Soul. Ideal for all therapists.

On the back it says:

‘This album is the result of my study and research into the use of sounds and music to create inner balance and healing. We are all individually influenced by sound and certain tones can and do affect our chakras.

I wanted to produce an album that not only on a physical level is calming and relaxing, but essentially works on a metaphysical level and alters states of consciousness and awareness. In 1982, David Naegele produced Temple in the Forest which became one of my favourite recordings and a popular choice for therapists. Like David, working with the sound of the forest birds and a gentle flowing stream, I combined the ‘temple bell’ sound with the ‘Ohm’ vibration. I then took certain instruments and tones and carefully arranged them to balance a particular chakra flow of energy.

The result is that Journey to the Temple features seven chakra tracks blended together by natural sounds of water and birdsong. Each of the seven tracks is a journey through the seven key chakras. On this special album you will hear a wealth of instruments and sounds (temple bells, chimes, piano, strings, flutes, harps, wind chimes) all carefully and gently mixed into an immensely peaceful meditative soundscape.’ Llewellyn

It is possible to meditate on the chakras by closing your eyes while sitting comfortably. Imagine yourself in a sacred space to you, such as in a clearing within a forest. Then starting at the base chakra work your way up through the chakras, visualising each in turn. You can then visualise in your head what colour each chakras is, and any other images that come to mind. Then one by one you can change each chakra to the strong healthy colour they should be.

This album can support this process if you wish or you can use it for background music to all kinds of therapies.

About Llewellyn: Llewellyn is a top selling and popular New Age artist and musician who has produced a wide variety of relaxing, meditative and uplifting albums over the years.

Much of Llewellyn’s work draws inspiration from his own interests, such as spirituality, healing, Celtic folklore and druids, and these influences shine through in the titles and musical content of his wide ranging albums. He composed many of the hugely popular Mind, Body and Soul Series (New World Music) that are designed especially for use with complementary therapies, such as Reiki, Healing and Massage

Many of Llewellyn’s albums have received acclaim and in 2001, Journey to the Temple was voted the Favourite New Release Album in the UK.

Running Time:  43 minutes approx

Track Listings:

1 Base Chakra

2 Spleen Chakra

3 Solar Plexus Chakra

4 Heart Chakra

5 Throat Chakra

6 Brow Chakra

7 Crown Chakra


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