Incense Sweetgrass

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These incense sticks are made from natural wild crafted plants, tree sap, bark and wood. The sweetgrass used is from a sustainable source. And that’s it. Nothing else. No perfumes, charcoal, additives or hidden ingredients.

The scent of sweetgrass is as it sounds; sweet and slightly like freshly cut grass, although you may also get hints of vanilla and fresh cinnamon bread. Each packet contains 20 sticks which burn for approximately 25 minutes each. Made in Northern California, USA from wild crafted, sustainable sweetgrass plants.

Juniper Ridge take pride in having just 3 ingredients in their incense: ground plant material, vegtable gum and a bamboo stick. However this lack of charcoal and chemicals means that the incense isn’t made perfectly and can have trouble burning occasionally. If you find this happens, try re-lighting the incense a few more times and this should catch.

Sweetgrass can be found growing in the Plains of the United States, as well as in some areas of Alberta in Canada. It’s a distinctive green grass, being tall in stature with wide blades and a reddish tone at its base.

It’s got similar properties to sage, popularly being used as a purifier of places, objects and people to encourage positive energy and dispel old and negative vibes. It was often used in Native American sweat lodge ceremonies, where the sweet scented herb was sprinkled onto the hot rocks to improve the energy inside the lodge and fill the air with a sweet aroma.

Traditionally it was plaited into long braids – ideal for using during cleansing, prayer and smudging – and is still often found sold like that today. Belief has it that when sweetgrass is burned, a prayer is sent to heaven on the smoke. It’s properties make it ideal for using in quiet moments of contemplation, as well as when wanting to create an air of purification.

Juniper Ridge started as a company at a farmers market at Berkeley, California in 1998. And everything they make comes from the mountains or the deserts of western USA. They are obsessed with natural aromatics and also obsessed with the preservation of the wilderness. All of their aromatics and herbs come from the wild and are always sustainably and responsibly harvested. They donate 10% of their profits to defending western wildernesses.

They never kill the plants they harvest. They instead prune larger shrubs and trees that respond well to pruning. They often revist the same plants as previous years to check up on them. For the sages they always trim the clusters at the green stem, above the woody section. Harvesting this way means two or three new clusters will appear the next year where you harvested one.


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