Oil Fragrance Sweet Pea

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Sweet Pea fragrance oil is suitable for use in oil burners, vapourisers or for refragrancing pot pourri.

Fragrance oils can also be used for making hand made soaps, creams or other cosmetic products.

Instructions for use:

Add up to 5 drops of lavender fragrance oil to the water in an oil burner and light the t-light. The heat will vapourise the lavender fragrance oil and fill the atmosphere with the wonderful fragrance of Sweet Pea.

Sweet Pea fragrance oil can also be used in any of our vapourisers such as the ceramic lamp ring, drivetime car vapouriser, radiator vapouriser or mini vapouriser.

What are fragrance oils?:

Fragrance oils are complex mixtures of natural and synthetic ingredients originating from the roots, bark and flowers of materials found in nature. These natural ingredients are obtained through physical processes such as distillation or extraction. In contrast, synthetic ingredients are manufactured through chemical processes. They may have the same chemical structure as a natural material, or their structure may be different.

10ml Bottle size


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