Californian White Sage Smudge Stick Small


Product: Californian White sage ( Sage Spirit)  5inch( 13cm)

Origin: New Mexico: USA

The difference between Sage and White Sage: The mature leaves of a white sage plant are smooth and white, while the leaves of garden sage are gray or gray/green. Also white sage is slightly larger, growing 4 to 5 feet tall compared to garden sage’s 2 feet height max.White sage flowers are mostly white with hints of lavender, while garden sage flowers are usually purple or bluish-purple (although they can sometimes also be lavender or white).

White sage is native to the southwest and prefers dry, almost desert conditions, while garden sage is native to the Mediterranean and Spain and needs regular watering (not drought tolerant).

Smudging: is an ancient art that is believed to have been practiced by Native Americans for centuries. It’s the name given to the ceremonial, daily act of cleansing and purification which uses a selection of herbs, often sage, which are bundled together with string to form a smudge stick before being ignited. The smoke that’s emitted from the herb bundle is believed to cleanse negative energy and purify living spaces, as well as people and even objects like tools, furniture, and home decor. Sage can be used before meditation, prayer, any time you wish to clear your aura, and it is frequently used in Feng Shui for space clearing .It’s also believed to release negative ions, which has been linked in studies to a more positive mood and many other benefits.

These ions are also created by the effects of sunlight and water – you’ve probably noticed a wonderful sense of calm when in nature, such as visiting a beach, waterfall or enjoying a walk in the woods .In high enough concentrations, these ions can clear the air of mould spores, pollen, pet dander, odours, cigarette smoke, bacteria, viruses, dust and other hazardous airborne particles. Smudging your home, office, or even your body is kind of like taking an energetic shower, or perhaps even spending a day in the mountains, spending time breathing in the fresh air and scent of pine, which offers a direct positive effect on reducing stress levels.

How To Use Your Smudge Stick:  Light the end of your sage stick and after it has ignited, extinguish the flame and direct the smoke around the area you wish to cleanse. You may wish to hold a container or shell in your other hand to catch ashes or to serve as a resting place for the smouldering stick if you use a fan or a feather to direct the smoke. You can direct the smoke around yourself, another person, or in your room to clear the energy. To extinguish your sage stick, smother the end and examine closely to make sure the stick is completely out. Your smudge stick may continue to burn if not completely extinguished. A lit sage stick should not be left burning while not attended, and lots care should be used to extinguishing smouldering smudge sticks properly.



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