Windchime Blue Agate

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This windchime is completely unique, the colouring can vary but the size is fairly constant. As each slice is dyed blue, over the years if left in sunlight this colouring can gently fade, and will return to a more natural colour (we do also sell a natural colour windchime). However dying the agate does create beautiful blue banding on the slices.

This windchime consists of a wooden hanging loop, from here a number of nylon threads pass through a second loop, and from these threads the agate slices are hung (the nylon threads are clear).

The height of windchime from the top of the wood to the bottom of the lowest agate slice is roughly 50 cm. The size of each agate slice will vary but a typical size would be about 5-7 cm at the longest point.

The energy of agates is comforting and soothing, so it’s a good tool to have around if you feel in need of relaxation, stress-relief or want to stop worrying. The energy reminds us that we need to take a step back sometimes to regain balance and release negativity and anxious thoughts from our lives.

Agates are lovely to have around where you sit, work or live. Their many colours and patterns make them attractive stones and they make wonderful ornaments if simply placed on a windowsill or desk. Agates can come in a whole variety of patterns and colours. Agates with exceptionally bright colours such as bright turquoise and vibrant pink have usually been dyed.

Blue agate is said to harmonise and re balance communication in a positive way. It soothes and heals inner anger.

Colour: Blue

Chakra: Thoat

Zodiac: Taurus



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