Book : Begging For It by Rosamund Walters


Your dog should not be fed on food that comes from a packet or a tin, as prepared dog foods are often of poor quality and often have been cooked at such high temperatures that the enzymes have been destroyed. Many owners are gradually beginning to appreciate that the way they feed their dog is as important as the way they feed their family. It is considered sensible to give the family, especially children, fresh meat, fish, eggs, fruit and vegetables and provide a supplement if considered to be necessary.

Although there are some differences in the foods dogs require, and the way they are prepared, it is possible to feed the family pet in a similar and sensible way. Dogs do not have to eat manufactured foods – in the wild, they survived without them. Rosamund Walters spent her life believing in the natural way to feed dogs for a better life and happiness.

She did not support chemical and unnatural foods which many dogs are fed today, believing the natural way is the best way for a dog to live a healthy and happy life, with the added benefit to the owner of the reduction of vets’ bills due to fewer illnesses.



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