A Hamper : Pendulum Dowsing

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A beautifully designed Hamper exclusive to Healing Light, in a honey wicker tray made of natural wicker.

Dimensions of basket 37.5cm L x 26 cm W x 12cm H  ( 38cm high including Cellophane wrap)

This Pendulum Dowsing hamper contains:

  1. Cassandra easons book : Pendulum dowsing
  2. Pendulum Dowsing Board
  3. Red Silk reading cloth
  4. Red Satin bag for holding pendulum
  5. Chakra Clear quartz Pendulum

Cassandra Eason’s Book Pendulum Dowsing:

In PENDULUM DOWSING, Cassandra Eason teaches you the basic theory and practice of dowsing and explains how it has been used traditionally for finding water, minerals and buried treasure. She then reveals easy-to-learn dowsing techniques for finding lost objects or even lost pets, for healing, identifying energy fields, and helping you to make the right decision about your career, relationships or future plans. PENDULUM DOWSING includes practical, exciting and inspiring exercises, ranging from the simple to the advanced, enabling you to start dowsling immediately and to develop your skills as you gain experience and confidence in you abilities.

Pendulum Dowsing Board: 

Diameter 30cm

Red Silk reading cloth: 

Approximately 48 x 48 cms. When fully laid out there is space for four cards high and six cards across. (Based on standard Tarot cards)

This is a 100% heavy quality silk. The edges are folded over then stitched is a very secure and attractive way. The colours are superb – bright, clear and rich. The material has a good weight to it. This means drafts won’t blow up the edges, and also protects your cards better when wrapped.

Some people wrap their reading cloth around their cards. Others people prefer to keep their cards in a Tarot bag along with their folded cloth. Tarot reading cloths provide a clean, defined space from which to read.

Many people prefer natural fabrics such as silk or cotton to wrap their cards in as opposed to manmade fibres, as they feel the energy they hold is more suited to Tarot reading.

The colour red is typically associated with energy, passion, love, sexuality joy, vitality, health, strength and power.

Red Bag:

A Beautiful small red velvet pouch bag, ideal for crystals. It could  also hold up to 8 large tumblestones.  Dimensions 8 x 10cm.

Chakra pendulum: Clear Quartz : 

Total length of pendulum is 26 cms
The pendulum crystal is clear quartz, and then in-between are seven crystal beads representing each chakra in the following order:

Clear Quartz – Crown Chakra
Amethyst – The Third Eye
Sodalite – Throat
Green Quartz – Heart
Citrine – Solar plexus
Agate – Sacral
Hematite – Base

This pendulum comes in its own box lined with a satin-like material. An attractive, well designed pendulum that features a clever option of detaching the pendulum at the clip near the crystal and wearing the chakra crystals as a bracelet. Please note the bracelet is approximately 20cm in length (roughly 8 inches) and would suit a larger wrist.

 Please ensure cellophane or any potentially harmful products are kept out of reach of Children or pets..


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    Carefully wrapped by hand in gold coloured paper with a bow and with a blank gift tag for your own personal message.

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