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March 21st to April 20th
It's time to crank up a connection with a lover or partner! Friendship is the secret sauce that makes relationships delicious! With the Moon and Jupiter on your side, embrace the spirit of camaraderie with someone special. Discovering each other's quirks, dreams and silly moments can turn a one-to-one connection into a thrilling adventure. Let love be fiery and fun!

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April 21st to May 21st
Boosting your self-worth gives your relationship world a superpower upgrade! You're feeling more certain and clear-headed, and that's awesome. But remember, humility is your best accessory when dealing with matters of the heart. With the Moon and Jupiter connecting, tap into your inner confidence without letting it turn into a full-blown ego trip!

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May 22nd to June 21st
When life gets heavy, laughter is the antidote, Gemini! Let your playful side shine as the Moon teams up with jovial Jupiter. Lightheartedness tends to be contagious, so spread those good vibes around! Just make sure your jokes land well—no need to turn your paramour into a punchline. Keep it light, keep it fun, and watch the tension melt away!

healing Light free daily chatty astrology Cancer icon


June 22nd to July 23rd
Feeling a little obsessed, Cancer? With the Moon and Jupiter connecting, getting carried away is easy. So, take a step back and ask yourself: what drives this intensity? Fear? Insecurity? Understanding your motives can help you keep your cool with a lover or someone close. You're in control, not your emotions. So take a deep breath and reign in the intensity. You've got this!

healing Light free daily chatty astrology Leo icon


July 24th - August 23rd
Feel like the life of the party? That's because you are! As the Moon vibes with Jupiter, your social calendar could be packed. Basking in a spotlight feels great, but remember to save energy for yourself. It's okay to say no to take a breather now and again. Set boundaries and recharge your emotional batteries. You can't be everyone's ray of sunshine if you're running on empty.

healing Light free daily chatty astrology Virgo icon


August 24th to September 23rd
Don't burn out trying to be the perfect partner! With the Moon and Jupiter uniting, you might feel the pressure to overachieve in the name of love. But cut yourself some slack. You've already come so far, and that's worth celebrating. Treat yourself with kindness and fairness, just like you would your paramour. Under-promise, over-deliver, and watch love thrive!

healing Light free daily chatty astrology Libra icon


September 24th to october 23rd
Drama alert! With the Moon stirring the pot alongside Jupiter, things might get a little tense in your relationship world. Remember to bring compassion to the event whether you're the show's star or a spectator. Embrace chaos as a chance to reignite passion in a relationship. Just don't get too comfortable relying on theatrics to spice things up.

healing Light free daily chatty astrology Scorpio icon


October 24th to November 22nd
Got something on your mind? Let it out! Expressing your deepest truths is easier than ever with the Moon and Jupiter in cahoots. Don't be afraid to open up to your paramour and share what's weighing on you. Vulnerability is always the key to intimacy, so take a risk, be honest, and watch a bond grow stronger. It really is a case of 'no risk, no reward'!

healing Light free daily chatty astrology Sagittarius icon


November 23rd to December 21st
Feeling a little lost? Don't hesitate to lean on a lover or partner for support. With the Moon and Jupiter aligning, your paramour can be your rock, and you're bound to find comfort in their company - or arms. But don't forget to give back! Acts of kindness go a long way in keeping the flame alive. Independence is great, but connecting with others truly nourishes souls!

healing Light astrology Capricorn icon


December 22nd to Jan 20th
Whoop – here comes a relationship glow-up! With the Moon embracing Jupiter, your confidence should be soaring. But remember, growth takes time and patience. So, be gentle with yourself and your paramour as you navigate a new chapter together. Mistakes are part of the journey, not the destination. Right now, it's more important to take steps forward rather than step back.

healing Light astrology Aquarius icon


January 21st to Feb 19th
Guess what? You are magnetism personified! With the Moon and Jupiter uniting magically, opportunities for love practically fall at your feet. But you've got to believe you're worthy of all that affection. Confidence is your secret weapon in matters of the heart. So stand tall, embrace your radiance, and accept that you deserve all the love in the world, Aquarius. Claim it!

healing Light astrology Aquarius icon


February 20th to March 20th
Is that love in the air – or an overpowering wave of empathy? Show a lover or partner some real TLC, and you won't go wrong. You've got a knack for intuitive problem-solving, so put that skill to good use, too. Supporting your paramour through thick and thin is what love's all about. You'll end up feeling warm and fuzzy inside, too!

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