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March 21st to April 20th
Even if you feel lighthearted, your brain could be unnecessarily determined to keep your heart intact and safe. But this is a time to open the door widely to new creative ideas to help you and someone special keep things lively and buoyant. So, allow yourself to overcome any worries about dropping your guard. There are so many plus points to doing this.

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April 21st to May 21st
A lover might think you possess outstanding mind-reading abilities now. You may not be in the mood for games and prefer a direct communication style. There's no reason any chat or exchange can't focus on assessing the future of an existing partnership or the passionate potential of a budding one. But communicative cards need to be laid on the proverbial table.

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May 22nd to June 21st
Reconciling what you and your beloved need personally with your shared longer-term visions may be a balancing act. But this scenario paves the way for adopting a 'nothing to lose' attitude or approach to stating how you see the future – and a shared one. A constructive and inspiring conversation awaits if you focus on common ground rather than differences.

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June 22nd to July 23rd
There's more to you than meets the eye now, Cancer! The universe encourages sincere and emotionally astute conversations between you and someone special. Single? You can feel compelled to reveal your vulnerable side to a potential flame. They might have had the wrong impression of you. Attached? Getting deep conversationally uncovers a hidden matter.

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July 24th - August 23rd
You may need to let go of romantic presumptions, Leo. A more open mind will allow you and someone special to thoroughly discuss what you both want. However, the outcome of any discussion could confirm how deep some assumptions have become. So, as you move across any delicate terrain, remember to keep minds open on both sides – and be prepared to change.

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August 24th to September 23rd
You might find communicating your views and feelings to your partner easier now, with a wave of confidence underpinning your message. Even if you still feel uncomfortable being so open with your heart, keep going and leave no emotional stone unturned! To strengthen your bond, take advantage of this superb chance for an authentic exchange. It promises to be fruitful!

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September 24th to october 23rd
Hey, you're allowed to change your mind! What you alter mentally might clash with a lover's fixed ideas – particularly regarding what they believe you want. However, authenticity is your ticket to clarifying this. Profound emotional truths can emerge, and once again, it's a case of better out than supressed. Just give someone special time to get on board with what you change.

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October 24th to November 22nd
Keeping your feet on the ground in your emotional world could be tricky now. Your dreamy approach will probably be appreciated by your beloved but possibly in measured doses! Expressing high-minded desires for intimacy is fine, but don't come up with experimental ideas that your lover struggles to measure up to. Take things slowly to explore erotic potential now.

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November 23rd to December 21st
You might want to get deep conversationally but find a lover or someone special wants to keep things light and airy. You may also feel motivated to consider your relationship in more philosophical terms than usual, too. But before you try to reel the object of your affections into a profound exchange, make sure you remember to spot the clues if things get too deep.

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December 22nd to Jan 20th
You could have a hard time finding the perfect words to express thoughts and feelings now. But avoid rehearsing or over-rehearsing what you want to say. It is possible to apply too much structure to your message, making it sound more like a business presentation than anything from the depths of your heart. Take your time – and taking breaks to listen is just as crucial, too.

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January 21st to Feb 19th
Don't put yourself in a position where the love gods shake their heads, thinking any excuse you offer about not having time for romance is on par with what emerges from the backside of a bull. Yes, you may be distracted by issues outside your emotional sphere that appear more pressing. But are they – really? Get your priorities right, and watch love grow!

healing Light astrology Aquarius icon


February 20th to March 20th
Honesty – any love relationship withers and dies without it! You could learn something about trust between you and someone special now. This may have zilch to do with deceit but more to do with accepting the facts of certain circumstances and how new levels of openness and authenticity are needed. So, embrace this, don't be suspicious of it.

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