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Barbara from Stirling

Paul has been helping me through a challenging time, which I now think is my 'dark before a beautiful dawn'. Am alone in the physical world but I don’t feel so alone when I reach out to Healing Light . I call Paul quite regularly - he always uplifts me with renewed strength to carry on. His accuracy of advice is phenomenon.

Amanda T. from Newbury

Thank you, Paul, for your guidance. You were accurate in your perception of what would happen within the next 2-3 days ,and he did exactly as you said.

Caroline from Stoke

I so love talking with Paul. He is so enthusiastic, full of energy and incredibly positive. I am excited that he thinks there will be a way though this. During my first and subsequent calls he has said things that he can clearly see that I had not mentioned - this has given me enormous confidence.

Natalie from Bristol

Ok I’m now really shocked! I had a test today. Told Paul I can do it today or 2 weeks! He said you'll pass, you know enough. I had no time to really study! Guess what I passed omg! His ability comes effortless. He said my man will most likely communicate in 7 days no less than 2 weeks, with an apology, commitment & more consideration. This one I have to wait for and see. Thank you so much!!

Janet from South Port

I have had several calls with Paul, and he is to be believed. He can give a full explanation on one's emotions, and what is happening at the time, which is settling and helpful.

George from Southampton

I don’t think Paul has been at Healing Light for a long time but I'm very glad I tried him though! You can sense that he is honest and gifted just by the way he comes across.

Amy from Dorset

There's just something about Paul that lets you know that he is for real and being honest with you. I trust him and that means a lot.

Dwight from Upper Norwood

Paul is very uplifting to speak to. He inspires confidence where there is doubt, and should be listened to when there no answers coming from yourself.

Donna from Peterborough

Paul you are amazing and I will call you again. Thank you so much for your help. So far what you said came true.

Lucinda from Southend

Hi, just giving an update on my call with Paul on Wednesday. I needed to get in contact with my husband, but his mobile phone was disconnected. Paul told me that it was being handled, and would be up and working in a few days. My husband just has text me tonight to let me know that his phone was reactivated today. I was so glad I called Paul, who put my mind totally at rest.

Jackie from Newcastle

Love speaking with Paul. After speaking with him he makes me feel that things are going to be okay, and work out. Paul is right on with other people I have turned to for advice and can't wait to let him know when things start to happen.
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