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Under UK law, readings are regarded as for entertainment purposes only.

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We offer top quality psychic readings and have some of the finest psychic mediums in the industry working with us. All our readers go through very thorough interviews and test reading processes before being accepted. We also offer this quality at a value for money price.

Ethically Sourced Products:

All our esoterical shop products are ethically sourced from only top UK suppliers and competitively priced. We also offer a fast delivery service and aim to have your order with you within 48 hours.

We Care About You:

We care about you too, and your well-being. Come and chat to us in the forum for free! Ask questions, get involved. Learn about the spiritual.
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See what some of our loyal customers have to say about Healing Light. We take great pride in ensuring the highest standards of customer satisfaction.

Zoe, Worcester

Paul is a trusted friend who uplifts me when my spirit weakens and my doubts bring me down. He has never waivered from his initial understanding of the situation. I look forward to everything unfolding as you said.

Jenny, Esher

Ok I must admit, Paul you are fabulous , I mean every detail you gave to me ( dates, time frames outcomes) were exactly as you said they would be. My jaw dropped when your first prediction came true on 16th June. You dont waste time in your readings, you are accurate and you are a definite favorite from all the others.

Barbara, South Croydon

Paul has an extraordinary gift. He is able to tune in to my feelings and understand why I feel the way that I do. I have spoken to Paul a couple of times within the last few weeks about a relationship problem that I was having. He was able to ease my heart and mind by letting me know what the other person was feeling and what is going to happen. Everything he said would happen has unfolded exactly the way he said that it would. Thanks for everything Paul.
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About Healing Light:
Welcome to Healing Light! We offer psychic readings and an online new-age shop. All our top-quality products are ethically sourced from UK suppliers and are the best value for money possible. We have a team of psychics offering genuine readings and answering your questions on whatever your problem or concerns may be. They can be contacted on the credit card service, 0907 number or via SMS anytime. We also offer a free spiritual forum, where you can come to chat, meet people of like-mind or just simply ask me a question, which I will do my best to answer for you there. I hope you enjoy the site!
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