Attracting What You Desire

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Attracting What You Desire. From a lecture/ talk that I gave at Hillington Square Community Centre Hillington Square King’s Lynn NORFOLK PE30 5HS in January 2014.

Manifest What You Want in Life

Before you start manifesting you may need to cut the chords with something that is no longer working in your life. This could be an unhealthy relationship, or a job that is no longer what you want to do anymore.

How to start manifesting

An effective way that I find in cutting the chords, is to visualise a figure of 8, put yourself in one side of the figure of 8, and whatever you want to cut the chords from in the other side. Then visualise yourself cutting the figure of 8 in two. You may need to do this regularly, say at least twice a day, until you feel the ties are completely cut.

Then Think about what it is that you want to manifest in your life: New Job? New Relationship? Better health? More Money? Improved Psychic Ability? Whatever it may be start picturing it in your minds eye.



Affirmation: “I have the divine ability to attract all that I need and desire in my life”

We all have a physical body and an etheric counterpart, or spirit body. Our higher-self just wants to be at peace. We have all evolved from a simple tribal culture to the modern day of having computers. When we want to attract something new into our lives we need to leave the tribal consciousness. Many famous inventors must have been told “You will never be able to do that”. It is now time to leave the tribe, and no longer worry about what others may think. Keep what you want private between yourself and God.

I also thought that this ties in Nicely with the Spiritualist principle “Eternal progress open to every human soul.”


Affirmation: “I trust in myself and in the wisdom that created me.”

When you have trust, you then have faith that you can achieve anything.

Shakespeare said that our doubts are our traitors.

“There is nothing good or bad except the thinking that makes it so”

Milton said in Paradise lost:

“A person can make a hell out of a heaven or a heaven out of a hell”

William Blake:

“If the sun and moon would doubt, it will surely go out”

God is in you and in everything that you are trying to attract in to your life. You are just manifesting another aspect of yourself. It is important to align yourself with the flowing God Force.? Take a glass of water from the ocean, you are separating it from its source and it has no power. By returning the water back to the ocean, it has its power back.

Trust that the divine power is in you and turn your most serious worries over to God. You do also have to co-create as well, and do everything that you can do to make it happen. I believe that God only helps those who help themselves too.

Be congruent, your mind, Body and Spirit all going in the same direction. You will get there faster.

The Spiritualist principle that I thought this tied in with is “The Fatherhood of God.”


Affirmation: “I Deserve to experience divine abundance as it is part of God.”

You need to believe that you are worthy to receive what you want, and when it shows up, you want to take it. I always say that I do what I love, and I love what I do. If I no longer love it anymore I either change what I am doing or change my attitude towards it.

Try to make every effort where possible to remove negative habits from your daily life. Pessimism, complaining, judgements, fault finding and replace it with words in your vocabulary of love and peace.

Speak life over your own life, as speaking negative keeps you from feeling worthy. Surround yourself with positive people who will encourage you and don’t pull you down.

You are just as worthy as anyone else to have what you want.


1) Read spiritual literature every day/Self Help/ Poetry.

2) Surround yourself with things of beauty, flowers/pictures and things that you love.

3) Practice acts of kindness towards yourself. Buy something special for you today, that perfume that you may have wanted, or go and pamper yourself and put some aromatherapy oils in the bath.

The universe needs to be seen as a friendly place, the snow, the rain, the bad and the good weather. It is not conspiring against you. Unworthiness blocks the flow.


“I am at one with my surroundings.”

You are not disconnected from your environment. It is already you. You are connected to the birds, the flowers and what it is that you want to manifest. When you get past the physical limitations and blocks, you can begin manifesting.

Both honouring your worthiness to receive and understanding the wholeness of creation, are the personal responsibility principles of Spiritualism.


“See what you desire, desires you too.”

What was it that you did to manifest what you already have in your life? It showed up because you connected with your inner world. Make sure that the pictures that you create work with you and also act as if it is already here.

Health- think that you are already healthy/ non toxic.

Soulmate – Talk to them as if they are already here.

Prosperity- Look prosperous, walk around that car dealership for the car that you want. It just has not quite aligned itself with your intention yet!

The Spiritualist principle that I feel that this most applies to this is:

“Compensation and retribution for the good and evil deeds done on earth” Basically, cause and effect and as you sow you reap.


Unconditional love is the glue that holds the universe together. Think of someone who is upsetting you at the moment and see them as your teacher, only sending them loving thoughts. Love transforms all situations, so try and live in the most unconditional way possible.

Also speak with your loved ones in Spirit. Just take that photo, for example, of your Grandad in Spirit and start speaking to it. The Spirit world and our loved ones, can see a little further ahead than we can, and they want to help us too. See what mental impressions you get, as the spirit world communicates telepathically through the mind.

The Spiritualist principle that this most applies to is “Communion of Spirits and Ministry of angels.”


Once you have put your thought of what you want on to the universe, detach from it. You are in process. Don’t demand a time-scale, understand that it is on its way. Really all that you desire is peace. Have certainty that you know that it will arrive and go about your business. Thank the first shoots of what you want and see the obstacles as lessons. Patience shows trust.


Begin a daily practice of gratitude for what you have. You deserve to have more show up, and are entitled to have it. Tell others how much you appreciate them. Tip more! By practicing generosity you are showing belief in abundance. Hoarding shows disbelief. The more that you give the more flows through you. If you take in a breath, you have to give one out too.

This is also the Brotherhood of Man Principle of Spiritualism. We are all part of the same divine family.


“I meditate each day to increase the divine power within me.” Go and get a good meditation CD. TEMPLE IN THE FOREST is my favorite. Try and do this meditation for two minutes every day if you can. Visualise a rose bud unfolding in your mind. Think of what you want to manifest and how it feels to have it. Picture that feeling of more peace/security going from your third eye to your base chakra. Then visualise the rose bud folding back up again.

Good luck attracting what you desire!

Paul Perris, Healing Light

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