Activating the Chakras – Learn How to Activate

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Activating the Chakras.

Activating the Chakras. When Activating the Chakras, find a quiet place to sit and relax. If you have any soft music, you can also put that on in the background. Close your eyes and take 5 deep breaths. To Start on the Base Chakra and work your way up to the Crown Chakra and visualise yourself breathing in and out the colour related to each Chakra.

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Image showing the Chakras and Activating the Chakras


Activating the Chakras:


Visualise your energy making contact with everything that is precious to you within your physical environment. Your Home, Your partner, Your pets, friends or close family members, your work and your favorite possessions. Be re-charged by everything that you are holding in your mind and feel the gratitude for everything that you have got.


Visualise circuits of energy flowing from your second chakra into the images of everything that you desire to create. Unplug your energy circuits from any negative relationships in your life and seal your second chakra so that no more energy is lost. Focus your attention on the loving relationships in your life and allow love to fill your sacral chakra.


Reflect on what you need to do physically, emotionally and spiritually. What may you need to let go of and what do you need to keep in your life? How will letting go or hanging on effect your healing? Make promises to your spirit. Your spirit needs hope, inspiration, prayer and the energy of forgiveness. Pray to retrieve your spirit from the past, and leave behind you places and memories that you should have left behind long ago. Decide now to live in the present at all times.


Pray for divine love and the ability to open your heart to others, and for the compassion to treat yourself with gentleness. Try to take yourself into your own heart. What can you do today that would be enjoyable for yourself? Allow a tranquil feeling of calm penetrate your spirit and physical body. There is always a pathway to yourself. Perhaps it is now time to start doing something for yourself that you have wanted to do but postponed. Maybe now it is time to start reading poetry that brings strength and inspiration, take up painting, drawing or sculpting, play a musical instrument or dancing. Or even take a trip somewhere that you have never got around to visiting. Loving yourself and other people will give you the energy that is healing. Take the time now to celebrate with those people you love, who are in their life and they are in yours. Visualise sharing that love with others as well.


Perhaps confess to yourself the troubles that you have caused yourself or others, or the troubles that others have caused you. By admitting to such actions, you empty yourself of the toxins generated by the shadow side of yourself. Strive to make your energy and will clean. Whatever comes into your mind, speak it out and release it. This Chakra is about any areas of lack of communication in your life.


This chakra represents the abitity to see clearly. We need to believe that our lives are meaningful as we strive to find out what our overall contribution is to the universe. The shadow side to this chakra is self-doubt and comparing ourself to others. When we lose sight of our own self worth, we become unbalanced and regard others with hostility, envy and negative judgements. These thoughts can threaten our health and we may get the feeling that we are going nowhere. Try to clear your mind of all these thoughts.

THE CROWN CHAKRA (PURPLE) However, I find that actually visuallising a pure brilliant white is also very effective for activating this chakra:

This is the centre that connects you to the divine, higher power within. I find that out of all the Chakras, this takes the least amount of energy to activate as all types of prayer can activate this Chakra. Also think of the new relationship you would now like to have with this higher power, and feel a new sense of faith and trust as things start to unfold in a new and more positive way.

Paul Perris, Healing Light

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